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dash / dAF; dAF/ n 1 [sing] ~ (for sth) sudden forward movement 突进; 猛冲: to make a dash for freedom, shelter 为获自由、 遮掩处而急奔 * We jumped into the car and made a dash for the ferry. 我们跳上汽车, 冲向码头. * Mother said lunch was ready and there was a mad dash for the table. 母亲说午饭做好了, 大家一下子都向饭桌奔去. 2 [C usu sing 通常作单数] (esp US) short race; sprint 短跑; 短距离赛跑: the 100-metres dash 100米赛跑. 3 [C esp sing 尤作单数] a ~ (of sth) small amount of sth added or mixed 少量搀和物或混合物: a dash of salt 少许盐 * red with a dash of blue 略为发蓝的红色 * The flag adds a dash of colour to the grey building. 那面旗子装点著灰秃秃的大楼. 4 [sing] ~ (of sth) (sound of) liquid striking or being thrown against sth 冲击或溅洒液体(的声音): the dash of waves on the rocks 波浪拍打岩石的声音 * A dash of water in his face will revive him. 向他脸上泼水能使他苏醒. 5 [C] horizontal stroke () used in writing, printing and Morse code 破折号(–). =>App 3 见附录3. 6 [U] ability to act vigorously; energy 活力; 冲劲儿; 精力; 干劲: an officer famous for his skill and dash 以干练和干劲闻名的官员. 7 [C] (infml 口) = dashboard. 8 (idm 习语) cut a `dash be exciting and stylish (in appearance or behaviour) (外表或举止)神气, 有气派, 帅: He really cuts a dash in his smart new uniform. 他穿著漂亮的新制服真是神气十足. make a bolt/dash/run for it => bolt2.

/ dAF; dAF/ v 1 [I, Ipr, Ip] move suddenly and quickly; rush 猛冲; 突进: I must dash (ie leave quickly), I’m late. 我得赶紧走了, 已经晚了. * He dashed off with the money. 他带著钱跑了. * She dashed into the shop. 她冲进商店里. * An ambulance dashed to the scene of the accident. 救护车风驰电掣赶往事故现场. 2 [Ipr, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (cause sth to) strike forcefully (使某物)猛撞, 撞击, 碰撞: Waves dashed against the harbour wall. 波浪撞击著港口的墙基. * He dashed the glass to the ground. 他把玻璃杯狠狠摔在地上. * The boat was dashed against the rocks. 小船猛撞在礁石上. * A passing car dashed mud all over us. 一辆汽车飞驰而过, 溅了我们满身泥. 3 (idm 习语) dash (it)! (infml euph 口, 婉) (used as a milder way of saying damn 用如damn一词, 语气稍轻): Dash it! I’ve broken my pen. 糟了! 我把钢笔弄断了. 4 dash/shatter sb’s hopes => hope. 5 (phr v) dash sth off write or draw sth quickly 匆匆地写或画某事物: She dashed off a letter to her mother. 她给母亲匆匆写了一封信.


dashboard (also facia, fascia) n board or panel below the windscreen of a motor vehicle, carrying various instruments and controls (机动车辆的)仪表板. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page xii.

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